Writer, journalist and philanthropist. Reza Emilio Juma graduated in International Relations and Political Science from the University of British Colombia in Vancouver, Canada. He has worked in the academic field as a professor and researcher and has contributed in numerous publications in international journals.

From a very young age he felt the need to deepen his cultural and spiritual horizon and began to travel around the world. He has visited more than fifty countries in six continents studying their deep-rooted cultures and traditions in order to broaden his universal vision and open the doors to his imagination, the key to the success of his literary creations.

In 2014 he published his first novel, "Mil Besos" (A thousand kisses), an esoteric and romantic adventure based on ones dreams and the protagonists obsession to find true love. The work was selected by the Andalusian Center of Letters to be part of the Andalusian Showcase in Seville. It was also chosen by the official store of the Alhambra in Granada to integrate it into its distinguished collection.

A year later, in 2015 he published a historical novel titled "El legado del príncipe de Cachemira” (The legacy of the Prince of Kashmir). Reza has described this work as his pride and biggest accomplishment. Before it was even published it had received the support of the Granada City Council and the Agencia Albaicin to celebrate the official book launch in the Cuarto Real, a XIV century Muslim palace and monument classified as a World Cultural Interest site. At the same time he received the institutional support of multitudes of academic and literary entities, political institutions, libraries and museums in both Spain and Mexico.

In the following year he published his third masterpiece entitled "La trapecista" (The trapeze artist), a psychological thriller based on the perdition of love on the human psyche and the exploration of emotional intelligence. The novel received the support and official seal of the City Council of Santa María Tonameca and the Magical Village of Mazunte. The book exploded in sales and became his personal best-seller which took Reza beyond his conventional borders.

In the theatrical field, "La trapecista" was adapted into a play produced by and starring the famous actress Juliana Vivas in the Bernardo Romero Lozano theater in Bogotá, Colombia. Later, also in Bogotá, "Mil besos" was brought to the stage in the distinguished San Bartolomé theater.

Reza Emilio was awarded with a prize in the literary competition "Memories of an Island" held by the Foundation of Parks and Museums in Cozumel in 2016. In 2018 he was awarded with a government grant, "Culture in a Click", by the Institute of Culture and the Arts of Quintana Roo. In the same state he was elected Counselor of the Citizen Council of Culture where he was able to promote culture and the arts through political entities and other government bodies.

Thanks to the numerous awards and recognitions accompanied by the immense popularity of his novels, Reza Emilio has premiered covers of international newspapers and magazines, appearing in hundreds of media outlets as well as televised interviews in various countries, which is why his work today is recognized worldwide.

Apart from writing and promoting his novels the writer has spent most of his life collaborating with charities around the world. He was involved in Canada with Big Brothers, and later in Spain with ACNUR and Ayuda en Acción in Mali. He currently collaborates with the Rotary Club as well as government institutions with the aim of promoting reading in rural areas and impoverished communities throughout Mexico and a percentage of the printing of his novels is designated towards Save the Children.

Due to the impact of his novels as well as his social work, Reza has received the honorable distinction of being included in the Encyclopedia of Literature in Mexico.

In 2021 Reza Emilio Juma was inducted into the Walk of the Stars in Mexico City with his hands cast in bronze and a gold star, thus, forging his imprint in the annals of time and his legacy will forever remain eternal.